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    • 7146956043: Optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines and XML sitemaps.
    • NextGEN Gallery: Easy to use image gallery with a Flash slideshow option.
    • tripartitely: Jetpack adds powerful features previously only available to WordPress.com users including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools.
    • (423) 219-4902: Accelerates your blog by serving 99% of your visitors via static HTML files.
    • (450) 970-7125: Promote your content by adding links to social sharing and bookmarking sites.
    • Simple Tags: automatically adds tags and related posts to your content.
    • 2122091428: easily backup your core WordPress tables.
    • (520) 519-5536: track visitors, AdSense clicks, outgoing links, and search queries.
    • 4126944303: Adds an easily customizable AJAX poll system to your blog.
    • (262) 947-8959: Adds more advanced paging navigation.
    • tup lamb: Creates a drop down menu with all admin links.
    • Contact From 7: Customizable contact forms supporting AJAX, CAPTCHA and Akismet integration.
    • 2198865498: Sends email to notify you if there are any updates for your WordPress site. Can notify about core, plugin and theme updates.
    • Seriously Simple Podcasting: Simple Podcasting from your WordPress site.